Vacuum Lifters for Glass

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VACUUM LIFTERS are machines suitable for the lifting and handling of loads safely both for industry and small / medium-sized enterprises as well as for handicrafts.

The principle of operation is based on the vacuum, created by a vacuum generator operated by compressed air, or with a powered electrical pump. The choice of a  lifter depends on  the nature and size of the material to be handled, the gripping surface, and the type of power available in the environment of use.
Our  lifting systems enable a decisive increase in productivity thanks to the use of high quality materials and components, comply with European directives and ensuring high safety standards required by law.

Vacuum lifters are manufactured with a metallic structure in the bearing frame, realized in steel carpentry, may have a fixed frame or inclinable by 90 °, with manual tilting, pneumatic or electric, they are used for gripping and laying all types of both vertically and horizontally, for this purpose, are equipped with special seals and form of material.

One of the conditions necessary to assure the proper functionality of the vacuum lifters for their agreed use, is the correct selection of the model of the lifting suction pad (single pad, double-pad, multi-pad, flexible – with manual or pneumatic tilting).The parameters to be carefully observed for the selection are:
Capacity: the maximum weight to be lifted should be considered and increased for flexible materials, load inclination with respect to the horizontal plane, dynamical inertia, etc.
Dimensions and shape: plane, concave or convex, regular o irregular element.
Nature of the load: compact material, rigid or flexible, polished, or raw surface, etc.
Type of lifting system used: jib crane, bridge crane, self-driving carrier, etc.

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  • Vacuum Lifters for Glass
    Vacuum Lifters for Glass

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