Vacuum Lifters for Marble

The vacuum marble lifters are suitable for handling stone in general (polished or semi-finished, flamed, bush-hammered slabs) and are produced with one or more suction pads based on the nature, size and weight of the sheets (some materials, such as tuff and crumbly or chiselled stone, require special pads or pump units). Read more...

They consists in a load-bearing frame that can be tilted from 0° to 90° manually. The FM vacuum lifter is powered directly by compressed air with a working pressure of 6-7 bar, while the FMG model features a vacuum pump driven by an electric motor running on 380V or 220V single phase or 12/24V direct current. A vacuum reservoir ensures the lifter maintains grip even in the event the vacuum pump suddenly loses power.
An audible and visual alarm system, independently powered by a rechargeable battery, provides a warning if the working pressure drops.


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