Vacuum Lifters for Wood

The FN vacuum wood lifters featuring a fixed horizontal frame and one or two longitudinally adjustable suction pads, and the FNR manual tilter from 0° a 90°, are operated by compressed air with a pressure of 6-7 bar and are suitable for lifting laminate panels weighing up to 500 kg.Read more...

They feature a central handle incorporating the hoist's pushbutton control station and controls for attaching and releasing the material, a vacuum gauge showing the vacuum level at the time of attachment and an audible and visual alarm system that provides a warning if the vacuum level drops.
A vacuum reservoir acts as a backup should there be a break in the air supply.

Vacuum lifters for chipboard panels: The FNT vacuum lifters are designed to lift chipboard panels weighing up to 200 kg.
Vacuum lifters for planking: The FTV vacuum lifter features a fixed horizontal frame; the plank attach and release controls are located on the central handle, which can be ordered with the optional telescopic (longitudinal) feature together with or as an alternative to the standard version.


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